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I want a stove that is light 5 lbs or under including everything and is square so I can cook on it. Planning to use it in a 4 person Tipi. Preferably collapsable for easier packing although this is not an absolute requirement. Any recommendations welcome! Seek outside hits those criteria, I have an sxl from them that weighs about 3.

Titanium Wood Stoves for Hot Tents: a Game Changer

Last edited: Nov 25, All make some nice stoves. Joined Nov 8, Messages Likes 1, I'm really liking the wild wild west stove from Luxe. The glass door is awesome for watching the fire Made of titanium, so it is ultralight and folds completely down to fit into a storage pouch.

Optimized to heat Person sized tents, teepees and hammock shelters. Let's go hot tent camping!

wild wild west stove

Aside from the rolled stovepipe, nothing is so fiddly that you can't do it with cold hands. The first two pics show how it works with solid stove pipe I borrowed from my FourDog Ti. The third is the rolled pipe pointing straight through the roof on my pyramid tent. I've tried 3 other brands of rolled foil stoves with frame components.

They work just fine if you can manage the assembly. The Fastfold acts like a larger box stove. I took the extra step of building a folding hearth to keep my tent from melting.

The only downside is that you must run it hot, and rely on venting your structure to really moderate temps. You can't choke off the outflow without some leakage on the box Last edited: Dec 3, Yes I am leaning towards the Winnerwell Fastfold as well, just because of the ease of use.

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Anyone else have thoughts on this? I have a medium kifaru box stove that does well. Setting it up sucks though.

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Pierre Tracker.Whether frontier pioneers lived in a sod hut in Nebraska, an adobe in Arizona or a frame house in Texas, they all needed a way to cook and bake. Most of the time, they did so in a stove or a fireplace. To prepare for the daily routine of cooking, a pioneer housewife or cook had to start the stove. Ah, but heat was not generated via the simple flip of a switch. In cooler months, cooks kept fires in the stove going throughout the night and stoked up the flames with new wood, which she chopped herself, or dried animal dung if wood was not plentiful.

In warmer months, cooks allowed the wood in the stove to burn out and ignited a morning fire using kindling wood, newspapers or buffalo chips dried buffalo dung.

Frontier stoves were generally made of cast iron. One side contained the area for burning wood, while the other was used as an oven.

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The surface was used as a stovetop, and some even had options for hot and cold water faucets. Most were equipped with a reservoir, which often held a few gallons of water at near boiling throughout the day.

Pioneer cooks had to learn how to regulate the heat in their stove. The stove did not have a numbered dial; a cook held her hand inside the oven to gauge the temperature: warm, hot, very hot.

A flue helped to regulate the heat. A familiarity with antique stoves clarifies why old-fashioned cookbooks might state a recipe should be baked in a slow, moderate or hot oven. Most people used their stoves to cook and bake, and sometimes to store their pots and pans, but one woman in Omaha, Nebraska, used hers for another purpose.

Because J. Worried about Mrs. Jacobson becoming suspicious, Alice hid the money in her cold oven.

wild wild west stove

Jacobson searched her house for the money and, unable to locate it, called the police. Sergeant Hayes searched the house.Posted By:. Titanium wood stoves are very very expensive, but wood stoves are a game changer in winter. And the fact that these are so portable makes them an excellent option for winter camping.

Placing rocks under and around my stove would increase its thermal mass and retain heat better if I were to use it at a long term basecamp. A great advantage of cooking in a titanium wood stove vs. Box stoves are easier to cook with, so they are a little more practical, but cylinder stoves are lighter and more compact. A neat thing about small wood stoves is that a stove jack kit can be retrofitted to many floor-less tents the tent must be fire resistant. I really like the minimalist style of this titanium stove by Ruta Locurabut the small door limits the size of logs that fit in the stove.

Wider firewood lasts longer… So that really limits how long a load of wood would last. It does feature good snow float legs though. Weight: 2. Scooping ashes out of the tall stove would be difficult. Weight: 1. This titanium cylinder stove is super light and minimalist. The Seek Outside XL stove has a very simple but functional and reliable design. This is the best stove in my opinion because it features a large door and more volume than most other titanium stoves.

Weight: 3. It also has an optional baffle that increases efficiency and reduces creosote build up. A big complain I have is that it would be a pain to cook or heat water on this stove. Weight: 1 lb 0. The front and back of the stove fold as well as the legs, only the sides and top are separated. The door is large for its size, but overall the stove is not big. Weight: 3 lbs 1. Another neat feature is the easily removable spark arrestor and damper for easy cleaning. The top is also reinforced to reduce warping.

This handmade titanium stove made in Russia is not as light as the others; it has a baffle and snow float legs that should seem more effective than the other designs. Titanium stoves are very expensive and they are not very practical. However, they are a game changer in terms of portability; paired with an ultralight hot tent, they open up new possibilities. The seekoutside really has a lot of external corners and internal parts that I could foresee myself forgetting about and easily slashing myself on.

I was wondering if you had experience with the Russian folding stove! It might be the best option for me…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for weekly posts! Source: Titanium Goat.Nature lovers enjoy spending time outdoors and sometimes you may decide to take a longer hike or even backpack overnight.

Cooking outside is always exciting and the food just tastes different if it has been made over an open fire. Some backpackers may choose to use a small stove, called a backpacking stove, to cook their meals and keep the surrounding area warm. Many of the backpacking stoves can be taken apart and folded away into a smaller part of your backpack.

There are many types of wood-burning backpacking stoves to choose from and this article will help you decide which one is best for you. Backpacking stoves are versatile and easy to use. You can prepare many dishes on the stoves and it is easy to carry around with you thanks to its low weight.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a backpacking wood stove. The most important thing to consider is the weight of the collapsible stove. Stove weight varies from a couple of ounces up to 3 pounds. It really depends on your personal preference for what weight you would like to add to your backpack. Collapsible stoves usually come with their own storage bags. Check the size of the storage pouch when full, to determine if it can fit into or onto your backpack. If possible, you may want to assemble and disassemble the stove for testing purposes to see how user friendly it is and whether you can pack it up easily.

What are you going to use the stove for while backpacking? This is an important question to consider since the functionality of backpacking stoves vary. All stoves can provide heat due to the burning wood but some can also be used to prepare meals, boil water or grill meat.

It is useful to read up about the various usage possibilities of a stove. You may be familiar with using logs to fuel your campfire and this is perfectly fine.

The collapsible stove also uses wood logs but you can use other materials for the food fire too. Twigs and dry leaves are an excellent way to start the fire in your stove. Pine cones are great for stove fires, as well as wood chips and smaller logs. Any option is suitable, depending on the time it will take your meal to cook. Wild Wild West 3W has a folding wood stove made from titanium, which can turn a tent into a warm environment.

It is superlightweight due to the titanium construction and folds into pieces that easily fit in a storage bag. The 3W Folding Wood Stove includes:.

wild wild west stove

The top of the stove has a flat surface and a glass window in the front allows you to see the fire. The air intake can be adjusted across the door to optimizing the burn rate. Warp is minimized by a reinforced rib on the top of the stove and the side panels include a channel to keep parts in place if warping does occur. The flat top gives you space to boil water or cook meals, assuming the use of a lightweight pan. It works best in tent spaces for 2 — 6 people if you want to generate heat.

The total weight of the 3W stove is just over 4 pounds. The entire stove is held together by 4 bolts, which can be removed to store the parts in the bag. The chimney is simply rolled up and the damper flattened for storage.Jim and Arte investigate the disappearance of the Kara diamond.

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wild wild west stove

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Usually it finds more problems than answers The adventures of suave cat burglar Alexander Mundy, who plies his trade for the U. Frontier hero Daniel Boone conducts surveys and expeditions around Boonesborough, running into both friendly and hostile Indians, just before and during the Revolutionary War.

Wheelchair-bound detective Robert T. Ironside battles the bad guys on the streets of San Francisco. A quirky spy show of the adventures of eccentrically suave British Agent John Steed and his predominately female partners. James West and Artemus Gordon are two agents of President Grant who take their splendidly appointed private train through the west to fight evil. Half science fiction and half western, Artemus designs a series of interesting gadgets for James that would make Inspector Gadget proud.Use this stove to create a comfortable environment, dry wet clothing, or cook your meals.

Winter camper? Preparing for the worst? This stove is for you. An adjustable air vent allows you to adjust the amount of air entering the stove. Use the damper on the stove pipe to keep heat in the stove longer, allowing the stove to keep you warmer.

3W Ultralight and compact stove

Titanium is less heat conductive, which means more heat is able to radiate into the tent instead of getting lost up the chimney. This means more heat, slower burns, and longer burn times than stoves made of other materials.

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Titanium is also stronger and harder than stainless, and half the weight. Our stoves now have the option of adding a stove baffle. A video showing the baffle in action can be found on our videos page. Baffle: A baffle is a light weight, titanium partition within the stove.

It diverts the smoke and hot gasses from one side of the stove to the other side, then back again before exiting the stove pipe. This allows the hot gasses to burn completely, and also allows the stove to radiate more heat before that heat is lost up the pipe. It sits at the bottom of the stove pipe and helps catch larger sparks and ash so they can be burned prior to leaving the stove. You can buy a spark arrestor here. Dave Eilers verified owner — February 5, Just got back from my first ever hot tent back country trip in the snow.

I decided on this product because of 1: weight, and 2: cost. I put it together with no problems and did a first burn in the back yard. After the first burn everything assembles easier. I was able to keep my tent warm and toasty through night with this stove. The more I use it the better I get at using it and controlling the heat.

I filled it up with wood at bed time, woke up a couple hours later and still had a few coals to get it going again, and in no time it was 70 degrees in my tent again with single digit temps outside. Fell asleep again and woke up around 3 and did it again, when I finally woke up around 4 hours later the coals were out so I started a new fire with the wood I staged and once again I was warming my toes and making hot coffee.

This stove gives me the ability to get warm, dry, and keep hiking all winter long even in snow storms. I am planning my next trip up north and am very confident with the ability of this stove.

I found it easier and faster to cook on my jetboil. You will get dings, dents, and some warping on the stove and pipe, but not too big of a deal if you learn how to burn it correctly.

Bruce MacLennan — February 2, I think that these are awesome stoves for backpacking because of the inherent properties of titanium lightweight and great heat transfer. I abused on mine, I think, because after a couple of days of using it last year, I crinkled the foil body on it pretty badly, but was able to straighten it out. I should probably purchase a new piece of titanium and fix the body.

lightweight titanium stoves

Still, I intend to use it in the future, but probably at lower stove temperatures and smaller amounts of fuel. DJ Renauld verified owner — October 26, Adding a wood stove to your large teepee or tent can be great in those cold months of the year.

For decades hunters have added wood stoves to their large military style canvas tents to keep warm in the winter. Now, with the availability of lightweight materials titanium and stainless steelseveral companies have started manufacturing small lightweight packable stoves for backpacking, hunting or winter camping.

Can you put a wood stove in a tent?

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It is possible to purchase a stove jack and put one in your large tent yourself, but that requires some skill in cutting, gluing and sealing. One must also consider that cutting a hole in the wrong area of the tent panel wallmay structurally weaken the shelter.

Its best to check with the tent manufacturer, before cutting into your high end and expensive tent. Stove pipes for tents are designed to be lightweight and packable. They can be made out of titanium, aluminum or stainless steel. All have the same job, to move smoke from the firebox in the sleeping area, up and out of the tent.

One of the first considerations is the importance of using a stove pipe that extends far enough above the shelter so that sparks will not fall down and burn a hole in the tent fabric. It is important to find out if your shelter fabric is treated to handle this kind of abuse. It is important to add a stove damper, that includes a spark arrester. This handy little device has two jobs.

Stove dampers are designed to control the amount of air leaving the firebox, which controls the rate which the wood can burn. As the wood burns, the spark arrestor helps filter out sparks that are created, this helps lessen the chances of you burning a pin-hole in the tent fabric. Optionally, a stove pipe protection sleeve can be added.

This prevents the tent fabric from touching the hot pipe, which may melt or burn it. This also allows you to use a wood stove in a tent, without the use of a stove jack hole.

Consider not adding a stove pipe cap as well. They simply help keep rain and snow from running down the stove pipe and into the fire box.

This is beneficial if you are camping in a rainy place, such as the Pacific Northwest. However, caps cause sparks to deflect back down to the tent fabric and burn pinholes. Tent shopping? Check out Luxe Tipi Hot Tents now! Close search. The come in several sizes and are in a shape of a rectangle box. The firebox does not break down, but the legs do fold to make it packable. The box shape, gives it a large surface to cook on.

Gstove makes stainless steel cylinder stoves for large shelters. It is in the shape of a barrel, but it does have a flat surface on top for boiling water and cooking. The fire chamber does not break down, but the legs do fold and the stove pipe stores inside, making it portable. It also has handles, which double as drying racks. They come in several sizes widths, heights and lengths and are in the shape of a box. The stoves feature a sliding door panel where you feed the wood. It all breaks down to form a small flat rectangle package.

Wild Wild West Stove comes in one size and is best for person shelters. Every part of the stove fully folds down, so its great for fitting in a backpack.